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SAO rotation in the Lloyd's market

Dewi James

The provision of Statements of Actuarial Opinion (SAOs) is an important aspect of the control system that Lloyd’s applies to the society as a whole in order to ensure the robustness of technical provisions and the general maintenance of high technical standards.

Good governance dictates that a fresh look at the SAO is desirable and the process is increasingly subject to rotation of the provider in order to ensure an ongoing independent view. Rotation may involve some re-learning,  and changing to a fresh mind versus maintaining the status quo carries some commercial considerations.

Our considerable expertise means that our Actuarial team can quickly assimilate new information and seamlessly undertake SAO roles with a minimum of start-up overheads.

In addition to providing SAOs, the Actuarial team has extensive experience in the Lloyd’s market having worked in various capacities as:
  • part of broking teams;
  • underwriting teams;
  • actuarial function holder;
  • reserving specialists.

Moore’ 20-strong Actuarial team is now headed up by Dewi James, a long-standing London market actuary with experience across a diverse range of issues, clients and territories. The team’s expertise includes capital modelling for Solvency II, ORSA and other purposes, general technical reserving, pricing and wider financial modelling.