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Are you aware of the new HM Government guidance on social distancing and health and safety within your work place?

Last week, the Government published its 60 page COVID -19 recovery strategy document, aiming to present how the UK will move out of lockdown under what is being classed as the ‘new normal’. It was made clear that people should be getting back to work if their employer is not included on the list of businesses that should remain closed. It was also announced that those who do not have the equipment or resources to be able to work from home, should return to work.

But with this announcement made last week, employers are starting to think about how they will have to perform a balancing act in their workplace by ensuring they are safeguarding their employees whilst ensuring the business can continue to operate viably.

Since the Government’s announcement last week, 8 guides have been published to ensure workplaces are as safe as possible. The 8 guides aim to cover a range of different sectors and it is stressed on the Government website that some businesses will use a number of these guides for their workplace, e.g a motor group may need a guide for vehicles and a guide for offices.

You can find each of the 8 guides below:

 Construction and outdoor work
• Factories plants and warehouses
• Labs and research facilities
• Offices and contact centres
• Other people’s homes
• Restaurants offering takeaway or delivery
 Shops and branches
• Vehicles

Based on these sector-type guides you will be able to see what controls are needed for your workforce and how you will be able to implement them. If you have more than 5 staff, it is worth considering the following questions for your COVID -19 risk assessment:

• How can you better organise seating areas for employees and for guests arriving at your work premises?
• Have you put provisions in place for areas like kitchens, delivery areas and bathroom facilities?
• How will you ensure that the 2mtr rule is met within your workplace?
• Are disposable tissues available to staff to reduce the threat of transmission?
• What is your action plan if you have to deal with someone that has symptoms?
• Will you display education pieces, such as a symptoms chart, handwashing guidance throughout your workplace, so that it raises awareness and promotes your offices safe practices?
• What personal protection equipment (PPE) is needed, if any? Employees should be allowed to wear protective equipment like a face mask, as long as it does not affect other PPE use that may put them at risk

There is a useful toolkit that has been created by the Health and Safety Executive:

Visit our coronavirus hub for more information: