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Moore (South) LLP attends Ellen MacArthur Annual Charity Gala Dinner

Moore (South) LLP were delighted to attend Dame Ellen MacArthur’s Annual Gala Charity Dinner at the BT Tower last Thursday 28th March. 

In attendance from Moore (South) LLP were Sue Lucas, Andrew Coldwell, Ann Mathias, Esme Shakeshaft, Kevin Cooper and Vicky Drayton. 

They were accompanied by their special guests for the evening, Richard and Lucy Moore of Moore Global and Nicholas and Joanna Hilton of Moore UK.


The evening celebrated the great work the 15-year-old charity has done in helping children and young adults rebuild their confidence and lives after cancer treatment. 

Whilst still a professional Sailor, Dame Ellen started the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust in 2003 with CEO, Frank Fletcher at the helm!

Kevin Cooper of Moore (South) LLP has steered the charity through the uncharted waters of accounting since its early days and continues to navigate the charity to date. 

As a result of his dedicated work with charity clients, Kevin now heads up the Moore UK Charity Group. 

BT, a long-term supporter of the trust generously provided the BT Tower in London for the evening which raised £48,000, including funds raised from breakfast and lunch events. 
Moore (South) LLP are proud to support one of the Island's iconic charities and it is humbling to listen to stories of enormous life challenges facing youngsters affected by cancer.

It is encouraging to know that with everyone’s continued fundraising efforts, the charity can extend their support structure for cancer survivors through to their young adulthood, and in turn these youngsters give back generously with their time and shared experiences.

For more information on the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust please visit their website.

To learn more about Moore’ services for charities please visit our charities page here